TOGs Heartfelt Calendar 2016 - in aid of The British Heart Foundation


The TOGs Heartfelt Calendar 2016 will be produced in aid of the British Heart Foundation. The calendar reflects the positive action taken by Hellen to celebrate my life while I am still very much alive and kicking, despite the numerous heart problems I have suffered, and we felt that it would be better focused on that single charity to maximise the impact and hopefully raise a lot of money to help heart research continue.

Following a meeting with the British Heart Foundation, they have agreed that we should go ahead with a calendar for 2016, and things are now under way to make that happen. We earnestly hope to have the calendars on sale in the British Heart Foundation shops, but that is by no means certain so we will not take anything for granted just yet. There will also be a photographic competition to find the photographs for this year's calendar, for amateur photographers, there will be a £250.00 prize for the winning photograph, which will also appear on the front cover, but so as not to not exclude professional photographers, we will be devoting two pages that will exclusively feature their work, and a small advertising logo!

So, how will this thing work? Well Hellen did all the hard work last time, or the majority of it, but this year we are opening the calendar up to photographic entries from everyone. A Competition will be held for photographers to photograph a heart, to be as creative as possible and use all the tools at their disposal to create original photographs of hearts for possible inclusion in next year's TOGs Heartfelt Calendar. Full rules, and Terms and Conditions of entry will be published once these are finalised, but there are guidelines on the RULES page for you to get started if you want to seek out some ideas.

There are also lots of examples of "hearts" that Hellen photographed and published for last year's calendar, CLICK HERE to view these. Hopefully you will be able to come up with some great creative ideas, BUT, and it's a fairly big but, they must be original, with everything created by you for the photograph, unless of course it has been made for you by Mother Nature! The entry can be collaborative, with the creative idea and photography coming from maybe both partners in one of our TOG couples or our crafty TOGs for instance! The world is your lobster, as Hellen would say!