Check out the photographs from the Langham Charity Lunch in 2013. This was the fourth lunch organised by Hellen Bach and raised £3,600 for the BBC Children in Need Appeal, the first lunch in 2005 raised £2,400, and the second in 2007 raised £2,500 and the third in 2009 raised £2,500. That's £11,000 in total! Photographs from these lunches below as well.

Photos from this years Langham Lunch in aid of BBC Children in Need, hosted by Sir Terry Wogan, Simon Bates, Alan Dedicoat and Roger Royle. The Guest were TOG's who all paid to enjoy the superb lunch, and a fun auction of floral Pudsey  heads. There is an article about the flowers at the bottom of the page.

A poem from Tim Gustard  -

They came from all over on Thursday
At the Langham God bless ’em for lunch
All proceeds went straight to the kiddies
From a generous but eccentric bunch.

‘Loose equipment’ from north of the border
Came down on the overnight train
Jan from Darenth looked a picture in scarlet
So pleased there was no sign of rain.

There was Barbie and bits looking beautifu
Lovely Sally I’m so pleased came forth.
There was even a balding old artis
Came down for the day from the Nort

They sat down with Terry and Deadly
And a Canon who laughed like a horse
And Batesie the romantic smoothie
Who joined us during the main course.

So it’s thanks to the folk at the Langham
For a meal that was fit for a kin
It was all over far too abruptl
Please when can we do it ag’in?

Fareham Florist has her work bought by Sir Terry Wogan!

Emotions Florists of 95 Highlands Road Fareham were asked by two charity fundraisers to provide three table decorations for a Charity Lunch at the Langham Hotel, London, hosted by Sir Terry Wogan, (with other tables hosted by Simon Bates, Roger Royle and Alan Dedicoat) in aid of BBC Children in Need. The three creations, in the shape of the head of Pudsey Bear, the mascot of the charity, were then auctioned off to add more funds to the monies raised by the event.

The auction was put in the hands of two familiar voices, Canon Roger Royle, Anglican Priest and Broadcaster and the National Lottery’s “Voice of the Balls” and BBC Radio 2 announcer Alan Dedicoat. One of the pieces was bought by none other than Sir Terry himself, he was very taken with the arrangements.

The owners of Emotions Florist, Janet and Christine, said “It was quite an unusual request for table decorations in the shape of Pudsey, but I think the end result was very good, and to know that Sir Terry Wogan bought one of them made it that little bit special.” Emotions Florists provide the full range of floral services from their shop on Highlands Road, examples can be seen on their website

The Charity Lunch was organised by local residents Hellen Bach and Norman Macintosh who have been fundraising for BBC Children in Need for many years, under the auspices of TOGs, Terry’s Old Geezers/Gals, the name given to his loyal band of supporters to the morning breakfast show which he used to present on BBC Radio 2.

Hellen said "I was delighted with the table decorations, they really brightened up the tables, and added that little something extra to the event. Sir Terry obviously liked them, as he was very quick to put his hand in his pocket and bag one for himself!

Langham Lunch 3 - 2009

Langham Lunch 2 - 2007

Langham Lunch 1 - 2005